Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer my child to The Sociable Group?

You do not require a written referral to see a speech pathologist, so feel free to call on 0414 686 054 to arrange an initial consultation.

How long does an assessment take?

Assessment time can vary as it is dependent on a number of factors; areas being assessed, emotional regulation and energy levels of the child as well as the assessment tools administered. It may also be necessary to perform the assessment across a number of settings and sessions in order to gain a clear picture of your child’s needs. For further information on assessments please contact us.

Where are the sessions located?

Sessions take place at The Sociable Group’s clinic, located in Lane Cove West. 

Will I be involved in the therapy sessions?

Most definitely! It is highly beneficial for parents, grandparents and carers to be involved in therapy sessions as it helps with your understanding of goals as well as generalisation of skills for your child.

Will I be involved in group sessions?

The groups are designed for participants only. Many of our groups have concurrent parent sessions, which parent/carers will be invited to attend. Check with your speech pathologist regarding the specific details for your group. 

Is it ok if I bring my other children?

The Sociable Group understands that siblings may need to attend sessions. Depending on your child’s regulation, attention and therapy goals, the speech pathologist may discuss with you if it is appropriate for siblings to be present during individual session.

Siblings are not permitted in group sessions.

What is The Sociable Group’s cancellation policy?

At The Sociable Group we understand that it may be necessary to cancel or postpone an appointment due to unavoidable circumstances. In this event, it is important that you provide sufficient notice, at least 12 hours, so that the speech pathologist can use the missed appointment time effectively.

If you cancel an appointment less than 12 hours prior to your appointment time or fail to attend an appointment without due cause, the full service fee will be charged.

What are your fees for assessments, therapy, groups and consultations?

The cost of sessions varies and depends on the service being delivered and the duration of that service. Please contact The Sociable Group for all enquiries about fees.

The Sociable Group requires payment at the time of your service. You will be provided with a receipt upon payment, which will list provider details for claiming purposes. Payment is through bank transfer.

What should I do if I am not pleased with the service?

At The Sociable Group we believe it is important to have an open channel of communication as this fosters a strong relationship between the Speech Pathologist and your family. We ask that if you are feeling unsure about your child’s current therapy or have any concerns about your service or service delivery feel free to call to discuss your concerns.

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