Presentations and Consultations

The Sociable Group offers mentoring, information presentations and workshops for parents, teachers, allied health and medical professionals. Through providing professional development, and working closely with the community, The Sociable Group strives to share knowledge and enjoy collaborative partnerships to best serve their client population. 

The Sociable Group offers workshops and presentations on a range of topics, such as;

Gestalt Language Processing

This presentation looks to provide information about Gestalt Language Processing. Developing understanding about this natural style of language aquisition, also known as echolalia, is beneficial for supporting these communicators in the classroom. 

The Importance of Play

Understanding there are different play styles is critical for supporting our young people. This presentation will provide a deeper insight into the many meaningful ways to play, while also breaking stereotypes of what play should look like.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Through this hands-on presentation, participants will learn the tips and tricks of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, discuss vocabulary selection and access methods, while learning how to support literacy with AAC users. The goal is to help participants’ increase their confidence in modelling AAC. 

Neurodiversity-Affirming practices in the community/school

This interactive presentation serves as an introduction into Neurodiversity-Affirming practices to support Neurodivergent students within the community and school environments. It aims to raise awareness and understanding of the regulation needs of Neurodivergent students, and practical ways schools can make an impact on the mental health outcomes for their students. 

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